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Robotic and automation sensors for 1D laser rangefinders (LIDAR), 2D scanning lasers or LIDARs, 3D time-of-flight cameras, digital compasses, programmable USB hub, programmable ethernet controlled relays, programmable USB controlled relays.

TeraRanger One Type A

TeraRanger One R387.jpg
TeraRanger One R387.jpg

TeraRanger One Type A


TeraRanger One is a lightweight, high-performance distance measurement sensor based on infrared time-of-flight (ToF) technology. Type A is best suited for indoor use.



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The TeraRanger One's performance and lightweight design enables robotics applications that were previously impossible with slower sonar sensors or big heavy lasers. The sensor is fully eye-safe, pre-calibrated and ROS compatible. Simply attach it to your robot and you’re ready to go!  Its cost-effectiveness makes it suitable for high volume usage as well as powerful research and DIY applications.

TeraRanger's USB and I2C adapter cables allow direct connection between TeraRanger sensors, host computers, I2C ports and hubs.  They provide the correct voltage level translation and power to the sensors.  I2C adapters enable direct connection to drone flight controllers as well (including Pixhawk).  Though many of the sensor's features are plug and play, if you need to flash the firmware, please contact TeraRanger support to request it. You will then need their USB cable in order perform this operation.  


  • up to 1,000 Hz update rate
  • 0.2-14m range
  • Extremely Light at 8 grams
  • 100% Eye Safe
  • No Bouncing Signals
  • Crosstalk Avoidance
  • Can Detect Sound Absorbing Materials
  • Comes Fully Calibrated, Plug & Play
  • ROS Ready
  • Dual UART/USB Interface (with USB adapter set)



TeraRanger One Specification Sheet

TeraRanger One User Manual

TeraRanger Support Page

TeraRanger Hub Demo

Copter Pixhawk Interface Instructions


Principle Time of Flight (ToF)
Range Approx. 14m (in non sun-lit conditions - at least 5-6m in direct sunlight)
Range Resolution 5mm
Accuracy up to +/-2cm (in precision mode, 5-10cm in fast mode)
Field of View 3 degrees
Update Rate up to 1kHz (in speed mode) - up to 600Hz (in precision mode)
Supply Voltage 10-20VDC (10-15VDC advised)
Supply current 50mA @ 12V in general environment, 150mA worst case scenario
Dimensions and Weight  
Size 35 x 30 x 18mm
Weight 8g (Spider), 10g (Box)
Number of Interfaces 4
Interface 1 UART, +5V level, up to 115200,8,N,1 user programmable
Interface 2 TWI (I2C compatible) +5V level, master or slave
Interface 3 SPI (shared with JTAG), one CS line, +5V level
Interface 4 Two user I/O lines, +5V level, e.g. for PWM, interrupts, LEDs, etc.
Auxiliary Interface +5V and reset input available on connector
Expansion SDK available upon request
Connector 15 pin DF 13