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Robotic and automation sensors for 1D laser rangefinders (LIDAR), 2D scanning lasers or LIDARs, 3D time-of-flight cameras, digital compasses, programmable USB hub, programmable ethernet controlled relays, programmable USB controlled relays.

Programmable Industrial USB 3.0 Hub (8 Ports)


Programmable Industrial USB 3.0 Hub (8 Ports)


Programmable, software-controlled, industrial USB 3.0 hub with 8 fast-charging (4A) ports, 2 host connections, and a dedicated port for control. Control USB Hi-speed, SuperSpeed data and power lines. Set current limits for each port and monitor voltage and current on each port. Boost USB2 signal levels to account for difficult interconnection environments. Rugged steel housing and ESD protected to 30kV.


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  • Software compatible with Mac 10.8 and above, Linux and Windows 8.1 and above and 10
  • 8 Individually-controllable downstream USB 3.0 (5Gbps) ports (type-A)
  • Individually controllable Hi-Speed (480Mbps) and SuperSpeed (5Gbps) data lines on each downstream port
  • Physically separate control channel, or control the hub through either of the upstream ports 
  • 2 switchable upstream (host) ports (standard type-B)
  • Downstream ports each capable of providing up to 4 Amps
  • ESD protected to ±15kV contact discharge (certified to IEC61000-4-2 Level 4)
  • Ambient temperature range up to 50°C
  • Ships with a 12VDC, 5A AC/DC power supply and one USB 3.0 type-A to type-B cable
  • Designed for industrial, manufacturing and development applications
  • DIN rail mountable (not included; Acroname part C31-DINM-1)


Product Datasheet v1.7

EC Declaration of Conformity

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Product CAD (STEP and IGES)

Letter of Volatility

Building on the trusted and robust design of Acroname's USBHub2x4, Acroname is proud to offer the USBHub3+, an 8-port programmable USB 3.0 Hub. Designed by engineers for engineers - connect the USBHub3+ with confidence to expensive lab or production equipment. Acroname's design has been designed and certified to withstand +/-30kV ESD strikes. 

The USBHub3+ provides you with unprecedented and custom control of USB ports, allowing you to:

  • Enable/Disable any Downstream Port
  • Maintain selectable control of data, SS lines, power lines for any port
  • Monitor Voltage and Current on any/all ports
  • Supply up to 2.5A per port
  • Set Current Limits on any port
  • Select between two (2) Host Connections
  • Maintain software control through a dedicated Control Port
  • Expand to multiple hubs via Expansion Port - without sacrificing downstream port count
  • The USBHub3+ is DIN Rail mountable (mounting kit is not included, Acroname part C31-DINM-1). 

By integrating Acroname's BrainStem technology, the USBHub2x4 can be controlled with a simple and powerful programming API in C++ and Python. Acroname also provides HubTool as an example application which can be used to quickly setup or control the hub. The BrainStem APIs and HubTool is available on all modern operating systems (MacOSX, Linux and Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32bit and 64bit)). And of course, the BrainStem technology provides an embedded virtual machine API. This embedded API allows for completely automatic control of all features of the USBHub3+ without needing a host PC.

The latest BrainStem development API is always available in the Download Center. The latest firwmare can be applied using the Updater utility. Check out the BrainStem Firmware Management reference entry or video for instructions on how to update your device. 


HubTool is an example application utilizing the Qt GUI framework. Source code for HubTool is available in the Download Center, which can serve as a quick start to writing your own GUI application to meet your needs. It also serves as a good entry tool for understanding the functionality of the USBHub3+, or just watching the battery charge curves of your various devices.