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Robotic and automation sensors for 1D laser rangefinders (LIDAR), 2D scanning lasers or LIDARs, 3D time-of-flight cameras, digital compasses, programmable USB hub, programmable ethernet controlled relays, programmable USB controlled relays.

LightWare LW20 50m/100m I2C/Serial


LightWare LW20 50m/100m I2C/Serial

from 329.00

by LightWare Optoelectronics

The LW20 is a small form factor LIDAR sensor with either 50m or 100m range in an IP67 enclosure suitable for small drones and self-driving vehicles. The LW20 includes driver hardware and software to control a servo driven LiDAR scanner for sense-and-avoid applications. Very small and light weight (20g) for use as a drone altimeter or collision-avoidance (sense-and-avoid) LIDAR. The simple serial UART interface is quick to integrate with embedded automation controllers.

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The LW20 and SF20 miniature laser rangefinders offer high performance in a very small form factor. The LW20 is a sealed unit designed to withstand water splashes and dust while the SF20 is a lightweight, open frame unit ideal for OEM integration. The LW20/C and SF20/C models can measure more than 100m in sunlit conditions and can measure down to almost zero distance. For applications which do not require this amazing range, the "B" variant offers a 50m range at a lower price point. These professional grade sensors take up to 678 readings per second and provide distances to both the first and last signals with each measurement.

The laser beam is encoded so that units can be aimed at the same target without interfering with each other, enabling multiple redundancy and allowing for many UAVs to operate safely in the same area. Serial or I2C communications ports provide a comprehensive suite of commands and the unit can be switched into power saving mode when not in use.

By adding a small digital servo, the LW20 can be turned into a tiny LiDAR capable of capturing 360 points per second while scanning the area ahead of an autonomous vehicle. Ideal for sense-and-avoid and navigation, the LW20 can either stream the measured data or make decisions based on preset alarms.

Laser safety is an important issue to all users of laser rangefinders. Please take note of the warning information shown in the manuals and on the stickers that go with every LRF. All LightWare rangefinder products are Class 1M or Class 1, eye safe.


  • Very small and light weight - 20g
  • Drone laser altimeter
  • Sense-and-avoid LiDAR
  • Both first and last return signals available simultaneously
  • Ships with all power, interface and USB cables
  • Cross-platform API for configuring and operating available in Downloads


Copter Pixhawk interface instructions

LightWare LW20 Product Manual Rev 7

LightWare Nominal Beam Pattern Chart


Weight 20g (excluding cables)
Range 100m (sunlit white wall) - 45 readings per second
Resolution 1cm
Update Rate 360 readings per second (maximum)
Accuracy +/-10cm
Outputs & Interfaces serial (3.3V), I2C (3.3V)
Power Supply Voltage 5.0V +/-0.5V DC
Power Supply Current 110mA
Laser Power 2 mW
Dimensions 20mm x 30mm x (35mm housing only) x (43mm with cable)
Operating Temperature -30 to +50 degrees C
Approvals FDA: 1710193-000 (2017/02) CE (pending)
Housing Aluminum
Optical Aperture 28mm x15mm
Beam Divergence 0.2 degrees
Lens Material Glass
Connections Wire tail, 5 core plus shield
Enclosure rating IP67