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Robotic and automation sensors for 1D laser rangefinders (LIDAR), 2D scanning lasers or LIDARs, 3D time-of-flight cameras, digital compasses, programmable USB hub, programmable ethernet controlled relays, programmable USB controlled relays.

Hokuyo UST-05LN Scanning Laser Rangefinder

Hokuyo UST-05LN Scanning Laser Rangefinder R357.jpg
Hokuyo UST-05LN Scanning Laser Rangefinder R357.jpg

Hokuyo UST-05LN Scanning Laser Rangefinder


by Hokuyo Automatic Co., LTD.

The Hokuyo UST-05LN is an obstacle detection scanning laser range finder with a 5 meter range, 12/24VDC, 25ms/scan, +/- 40mm 270° scan angle, USB interface and 3 outputs.  

SKU# R357-UST-05LN

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  • 2D scanner for measuring distance between the sensor and its surroundings.
  • Supply voltage 10 to 30V
  • The smallest and lightest of its kind
  • Measurement distance, 5m
  • Faster response, 66msec
  • More flexible field setting available
UST Sensor pattern
UST 05 beam pattern 1
UST 05 beam pattern 2

All necessary wiring/cabling is included.  Please refer to Hokuyo's Technical Documentation linked in the Downloads tab.  Note: Reversing the power polarity will damage the sensor.  


Technical Documentation

Product Datasheet

Hokuyo Comparison Chart


LIGHT SOURCELaser semiconductor (905nm), Laser class 1

SCANNING RANGE60mm to 5000mm (white Kent sheet) 60mm to 2000mm (diffuse reflectance 10% )

MEASURING ACCURACY60mm to 5000mm ±40mm *1


SCANNING FREQUENCY25ms (motor speed 2400rpm)



POWER SOURCEDC 12V/DC 24V (operation range 10 to 30V, ripple within 10%)

POWER CONSUMPTION150mA or less (during start up about 300mA is necessary.)

AMBIENT ILLUMINANCELess than 15,000lx *2



SIZE (W X D X H) MM50 × 50 × 70

 *1: Under the factory standard testing conditions using white Kent sheet.

 *2: Avoid the direct sunlight as it may cause sensor malfunction.