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Robotic and automation sensors for 1D laser rangefinders (LIDAR), 2D scanning lasers or LIDARs, 3D time-of-flight cameras, digital compasses, programmable USB hub, programmable ethernet controlled relays, programmable USB controlled relays.

Fotonic 16W E70 TOF Camera

Fotonic E70 Series TOF Cameras R380-E70-16W.jpg
Fotonic E70 Series TOF Cameras R380-E70-16W.jpg
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Fotonic 16W E70 TOF Camera


by Fotonic

Out of Stock, Please Call for availability and current Lead Time - 14.55 MHz, 3D Time-of-Flight distance measuring camera; Mid-power 16W illumination. Range of upto 7m and ±10mm accuracy. Up to 58 frame per second. 70˚ x 53˚ field of view.

SKU# R380-E70-16W

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Fotonic is building some of the best 3D smart cameras out there based on commercially available sensors. These 3D cameras can measure distances upto 7m with accuracy of ±10mm at 58 frames per second! The Fotonic E-Series is characterized by high reliability in performance and a robust design. With very low motion artifacts and high frame rates, these cameras are ideal for object motion tracking.

The E-series cameras perform well indoors and in bright sunlight. All cameras are IP65 and IP67, and the window of Gorilla glass is interchangeable. The unique multi-shutter setting doubles the already high dynamic range, allowing for high precision distance measurements even in scenes with very wide depths of field.  With this setting you can accurately measure from short to long distance within one frame. Check out this blog post for an example of multi-shutter in action.

The powerful ARM processor from Texas Instruments, together with the Linux OS, enable you to easily run your own software programs on board. This makes the E-Series a natural choice for anyone looking for a truly "smart" camera.

It is possible to configure the E-series cameras by choosing different Field of View and illumination. This allows you to tailor the camera to best suit your application with regards to measurement range, target and environmental conditions and accuracy.  

The 4W model is best suited for near field applications where low-power is essential. The 16W is a flexible choice for general purpose applications.

For complete details and specifications, download or view the Fotonic E-series Datasheet found in the Downloads tab.  

All necessary cables and power supply (both US and Euro plugs) included with sensor.

Fotonic cable kit


  • Low motion artifacts
  • High frame rate
  • Very effective live tracking of moving objects
  • Great performance in sunlight
  • IP65 and IP67 protective shell
  • interchangeable Gorilla glass window
  • Multi-Shutter setting doubles high dynamic range
  • Powerful Texas Instruments ARM processor
  • All necessary cables and power supply (both US and Euro plugs) included with sensor


Fotonic E-Series Datasheet

Fotonic E-Series User Manual


Type of sensorCCD

Maximum frame rate58fps - Camera setting dependent (full frames)

Total capture time6-7ms (depending on shutter time)

Pixel array size160 (h) x 120 (v)

Multi camera optionYes; by factory configuration (up to 4 cameras non-interfering)

Number of dead pixels on sensor<=20

Dead pixel cluster (2 or more direct neighbors)No

Illumination (power out)16 Watts

Wave length850 nm

Modulation frequency15 Mhz (approximate)