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Robotic and automation sensors for 1D laser rangefinders (LIDAR), 2D scanning lasers or LIDARs, 3D time-of-flight cameras, digital compasses, programmable USB hub, programmable ethernet controlled relays, programmable USB controlled relays.

Devantech SRF04 Sonar Ranging Module

Devantech SRF04 Sonar Ranging Module R93.jpg
Devantech SRF04 Sonar Ranging Module R93.jpg

Devantech SRF04 Sonar Ranging Module


by Devantech Ltd (Robot Electronics)

Devantech, SRF04 ultrasonic ranging module with range of 3 cm to 3m. Draws minimal power in a compact, self contained design.

SKU# R93-SRF04

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This sonar ranging module is a good option for projects requiring accurate ranging information. 

There are a couple of requirements for the input trigger and output pulse generated by the ranger. The input line should be held low (logic 0) and then brought high for a minimum of 10 microseconds. The pulse is generated on the falling edge of the input trigger. The ranger's receive circuitry is held in a short blanking interval of 100 microseconds to avoid noise from the initial ping and then it is enabled to listen for the echo. The echo line is low until the receive circuitry is enabled. Once the receive circuitry is enabled, the falling edge of the echo line signals either an echo detection or the timeout (if no object echo is detected).


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Current30mA typical, 50mA maximum


Min Range3cm (1.18in)

Max Range3m (9.84ft)

Input Trigger10µS minimum, TTL level pulse

Echo PulsePositive TTL level signal, proportional to range

Weight11.33gm (0.4oz)

SensitivityDetect a 3cm (1.18in) diameter stick at > 2m (6.56ft)

Connection TypeDigital